Concert Upgrades

Are you a fan who’s looking to take your concert experience to the next level? With our concert upgrades, you can savor every note and make memories that resonate for a lifetime. Upgrade your tickets to include VIP perks. It’s time to transform your concert experience from ordinary to extraordinary!

Club Level


Have a ticket for a show and looking to kick your evening off the right way? Arrive early and experience the excitement of our VIP Club, the Stagehouse. Mix and mingle before the show and enjoy specially curated food and drinks.

  • Preconcert and in concert access to the celebration in our VIP Club
  • Specially curated food and beverages

$150 per person, per concert


Credit One Stadium - 2023 Concert series banner

We’ve come up with a plan that maintains the stadium’s intimacy while also modernizing the facility. We are excited to be working with the city to re-imagine the Credit One Stadium and Create an exceptional space for locals and visitors to experience world class entertainment in Charleston.

- Ben Navarro
Founder & CEO, Sherman Financial Group, LLC

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