Music for the Mind by Roper St. Francis Healthcare

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The Roper St. Francis Concert Series, presented by Roper St. Francis Healthcare at Credit One Stadium, celebrates the power of music and its positive impact on mental health. Music brings people together, and we invite you to share how music improves your mindset.

As part of this year’s Roper St. Francis Concert Series, a mural was commissioned as a visual expression of Music for the Mind. We worked with a local artist to create an art installation of how music, especially when heard in a concert, makes us feel and its ability to unite and heal.

We would like to hear from you:

What does music mean to you?
Share your thoughts with us.
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Have a favorite song?
Tell us and we may share your song on our Music for the Mind Playlist!
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We’ve come up with a plan that maintains the stadium’s intimacy while also modernizing the facility. We are excited to be working with the city to re-imagine the Credit One Stadium and Create an exceptional space for locals and visitors to experience world class entertainment in Charleston.

- Ben Navarro
Founder & CEO, Sherman Financial Group, LLC

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